About Jones Enterprise (JE)

Diversified specialty construction company that serves the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.

About Jones Enterprise

Jones Enterprises, LLC (JE) specializes in revitalizing historic preservation/residential homes and site concrete as it is an emerging leader in site utility work. In 2017, JE received the Baltimore Heritage Preservation Award for the Historic Adaptive Reuse of 106, 108, and 110 North Eutaw Street historic properties in Baltimore, Maryland. JE provides practically turn-key operations from underground utilities, concrete demolition and replacement, historic restoration, and residential rehabilitation.

JE fosters a spirit of mutual respect and works toward a common goal. In keeping with foundational principles, JE builds lasting relationships with clients, subcontractors, and developers. JE provides innovative solutions and assures safe work conditions to the benefit of the company, subcontractors, and clients.

Jones Enterprise (JE) is an emerging site work utility contractor serving the Baltimore Metropolitan region. We offer site work services which include excavation, grading, and utility installation. We are qualified to install wet and dry site infrastructure work, including water mains and service connections, sanitary sewer mains and service connections, storm drain pipe, and electrical conduit installation and encasement.

JE also also provides central gas installation and repair its services list. Our in-house personnel and industry partners utilize the latest technologies to get the job done right the first time. Our hand-picked team of site work professionals enables us to provide a board of services to private and public sector clients. Jones Enterprise prides itself on offering stellar customer service, a safe work environment, and a quality end-product.

Dante Jones, Founder

As the founder of JE Enterprises, Dante Jones has built JE Enterprises from a small residential construction company to a trusted, award-winning construction company that oversees large construction projects in the public and private sectors. 

He provides overall leadership for JE Enterprises and guides the strategic direction, community, and corporate relationships. Dante has over 30 years of work experience from professional hands-on artisan carpentry to restoring unique historic properties throughout Maryland.

Dante is a leading change agent in the Baltimore Metro Area. He advocates peaceful partnerships and donates generously through strategic planning and urban revitalization efforts. He is a Master Mason with William F. Taylor Lodge 57, serves on the Board of Directors for Zeus Inc. (empowering male youth), and serves on the Board of Directors for Paul’s Place Inc.

He works successfully with clients, governmental zoning/building code enforcement agencies, historians, community organizations, developers, investors, architects, engineers, consultants, and subcontractors to deliver quality services. He is always seeking the next best opportunity to implement a collaborative vision.

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Historical Preservation and Residential

Jones Enterprise has become instrumental in the preservation of local historic communities.


Economic & social impact on local communities

Jones Enterprise’s operations will benefit the local community by offering employment opportunities. One of the business’s social impacts is encouraging the employees to develop their skills for integrating new advancements and technology.


Environmental impact on surrounding geographical area

 Jones Enterprises products such as energy, water, and waste-water infrastructure will help the East Coast of the United States and surrounding area. Our sustainable and technologically advanced materials will reduce waste, energy, and various inefficiencies over the project’s construction.

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